True Friends are Blessing To our Existence

 I recently found my self in a confusing state, fraustrated and tired, i desperately needed someone to talk to, given my past experience with girls: i do not even believe in keeping a relationship, talk more of having a partner to talk to.

I was just in the office on Tuesday (8th/12/2020), trying to navigate around my falling apart world when my phone rang, there she was, a God sent friend, my confidante, my gossip partner and one of a kind friend. She enquires about our last discussion and asked why i haven’t reached out to her yet, yes! That’s how close we are, no secrets, no lies but pure truth and a shoulder to lean on.

I explained what has happened to her since our last discussion and how things has taken a little turn of fate, she was worried for me but knowing she needed to be strong for me, she stomached her worry and say some words of encouragement to me, told me not to worry and that everything will be fine. Like an angel, her words relief me of my tension and gave me hope, i couldn’t be more proud of our friendship. I just say to myself, she’s a blessing in my life.

Oluwatobi Ogunjimi is my friend’s name, this is someone whom i met during NYSC (three years ago) and has been a revelation in my life, she has made it seem as if we’ve known each other for our entire lifetime.

Oluwatobi Ogunjimi

To further add sugar on the icing cake, she sent an epistle of compliments to me the following morning. Albeit i feel most of the compliment is an exaggeration of my personality, i am so appreciative of our friendship and I am a more stronger version of myself with her around me. She has this👇 to say about me:

“Saying that ‘I am proud of you is an understatement’
I want you to know how proud I am of you!  You have continued to take care of yourself and your obligations even as you are struggling.; You have not given up or just laid down hoping someone else will rescue you.

I am very sure that every sacrifice will give its reward and encouragement makes you get everything you aim. How you have turned out to be one of the very few I can trust with my life is amazing

Myself and Oluwatobi Ogunjimi

I know that things have been hard lately and you are in the midst of troubling times. Your head and heart must be everywhere right now, making life confusing and hectic. The problems and issues you’re dealing with are real and scary, and I know that you are trying to figure out things for yourself. As one of your friends, I just want you to know a few things.

You are a wonder. I have seen you accomplish, fail, love, lose, sing, cry and laugh at your worst and at your best. You work hard for everything in your life and continue to strive for more. You’re also the one that I can slack off with, goofing around as if nothing else in the world matters at the time but the sound of our laughter. You continue to amaze me and one day you’re going to surprise yourself, even if it’s not right now. I couldn’t be more proud of the person you are and how you carry yourself. Your dedication and strength are inspiring, and you are going to have everything you want in life. Keep reaching and never change.

You are so beautiful inside and out; You have such gifts to offer this world; You are talented; You are skillful.

Don’t ever forget that I believe in you. You are an amazing human being. You are a good friend. People love you. I love you. You are not alone. Everyone has their own struggles, their own battles to fight, and their own doubts about themselves. So don’t you dare beat yourself up for that. And don’t listen to the lies. Don’t forget who you REALLY are. Because YOU are wonderful and the world is a better place with YOU IN IT.


My take home from the above compliment is that in whatever you are doing, always try to be a better version of yourself, i am grateful for people like her in my life who has always believed in me and my abilities to go places, she in particular has always been a source of inspiration for me. She is always availble to listen to my cry and offer me her shoulder to lean on, she has always try to re-ignite the dieing fire in me and I will always bless the day our path crossed.

Get your self a true friend like Oluwatobi Ogunjimi, because your life at times depend on the type of friends you’re keeping.

Remain Blessed….

Absurdities of Motivational Speakers.

Dear motivational speakers, stop being a sychophant and tell your audience what you actually went through and stop misleading them.

multiplier effect of it might be bad

Stop sugarcoating the story of your life: that part of your story where you do not have anything to eat, where you feel lost and helpless, that part where you feel like giving up but you didn’t or you find some words of encouragement that sprung you up again, that part where you did the most unspeakable (yet lawful job) to survive, that part where you slept in the slum or even have no where to sleep at all is what your audience actually need to hear to be motivated.

Stop unnecessary exaggeration of the steps you’ve taken to be where you are today, be realistic and sincere about how hard it will be to survive so as to help your audience have their mind made up.

Your audience need to know all these things before hand, it’s easier to solve a problem when it has been foresaw than unprecedented.

Every success story has it sad, painful and bitter undertone, to be successful, you have to be ready to face challenges and painful reality. But if you are persistence and deliberate about your goals, no matter how hard or impossible to achieve it seem, with the right and sincere dedication, you will get there.

Remember to equip your self with the right and requisite skills in the course of navigating your way out of life hurdle, it gives you an edge over others.

Tough times don’t last, tough people do.

©Adebayo Kazeem Olanrewaju

Price of Prize

There is always that time in life when you write your self off, see yourself as nothing but a failure and think of giving up, such period in every humans life is a very critical moment, in that, any decision made in such moment could make or mar you. There’s a thin line between failure and success.

Life is a continuous process of learning and there isn’t success without failure, in fact, failure is part of success process. The people you see as successful today, had at a point or the other been seen as  failures, but today, it’s a different story, (a positive/successful one). Why? because they never give up, instead, through sweat and blood, resilience and dedication, determination and hard work, hope, confidence and self esteem they learn from failure and became successful.

Success is a thing of the mind.


Albeit, success has a price, the price is hardwork and resilience. During an E-lance Biz Skills Training I attended in 2018 in Kaduna which was themed “click-on-kaduna” and co sponsored by KDSG, World Bank and Rockfeller Foundation, there was a general slogan that was used through out the training that has since then resonates with me and goes thus: “There’s price on every prize, if you can pay the price, you can take the prize”.

Give it a deep thought and sincerely tell yourself what price you’ve not/yet been paying which is creating a wall between you and the prize.

When you enjoy the process regardless of how difficult it is, then have patience and repeat it again when you’ve failed: that’s called resilience and dedication.

Leadership, learning and success are indispensable to learning, be a learner on a daily basis, learn as if you’ve never learnt before, learning begins with accepting your ignorance.
Keep pushing and never give up, your time might just be the next seconds, but if you give up without acting, that seconds might just pass you by.

Keep believing.
Everyone deserves a chance to win. ✅ 

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How Hope and Self-esteem and not comparison is the real deal.

It’s obvious how we tend to compare our self to some of our peers, and most time think they are better off and consequently feel a sense of failure, we feel depressed and lose enthusiasm to keep on keeping on.

Hard times are emotionally draining, especially when job hunting for a much longer time than expected: these moment can be the hardest time of anyone’s life but of course, it’s a temporal moment.

My goal scares me a lot and excites me a lot more.

In contrast to making comparison between my self and friends, i have lately, learnt, that i do not have the same script with my friends: they might have it all figured out at the moment because their script impressed the director and  got the audience attention.

I am who I said to myself I am

Adebayo Kazeem

However, while they are already acting out their script, i am using the opportunity to proofread and make corrections to my script, learn from their mistakes, provide a better script than their’s and subsequently greater traction from the audience than their’s.

Life isn’t a competition, work on your self, develop your self while waiting for that golden opportunity and stop comparing your life with that of others. You are #uniquely distinct from others and thus, have a different route to take to arrive at a #better destination.

Life is a process.

COVID-19 The Destroyer of Joy or The reason for a Positive change

A life of happiness, joy, self fulfillment, peace and progress supersedes any form of merryment. Certain things happen to make us see reasons why several other things we thought matters do not really matter.

What does matter is what we’ve been able to achieve overtime, I do not see gathering of people and feeding them frivolously as one of those achievements.

My definition of achievement is: the number of lifes you’ve been able to touch positively, who is smiling because of a single act of your kindness, who is seeing you as a source of joy, what have you done for mankind that will make your name remain that of every household’s, what’s your position in your immediate family and most importantly how much happiness have your parent been able to feel because of you.

The world is on her knees, shedding tears and begging for mercy.

For those people, whose wedding, Birthday party, Naming ceremony, Burial Ceremony (mostly in the South) and several other form of celebrations have been impacted and reduced to just meeting between selected few or even cancelled because of the novel COVID-19: I want to you to see it as a blessing in disguise and as an attempt by your creator to redirect your attentions to things that is more beneficial to you and the entire mankind, especially during this trying time that so many people needs some form of assistance.

If for any reason, you feel the need to spend flamboyantly and frivolously, please and please, for the sake of humanity and posterity, identify those that are vulnerable in your immediate environment or elsewhere and donate such fund or convert it to staples and distribute it to them, believe you me there isn’t any sense of fulfillment greater than what you will feel afterwards.

Humanity over religion, desire and pride.

#StaySafe #BeResponsible #GiveAHelpingHand #Humanity

Adebayo Olanrewaju Kazeem

Give a helping hand.